Bet365 Sportsbook Ontario – A Comprehensive Review

I have always come across the Bet365 sportsbook in my quest for the ideal online casino and sports betting platform. However, it is not until recently that I decided to give the site a try. Many Canadian bettors have high praise for it, so why not, right?


I have been betting on Bet365 for some time now, and I have it all figured out. Here is a comprehensive review of what the site has to offer Canadian bettors.

Sports and Markets Available

Bet365 Casino

Like most sportsbooks based in Europe (Bet365 is based in the UK), soccer is this platform’s biggest sports market. The site covers all European leagues and often lists leagues and tournaments in North America and other regions.

Besides soccer, other major sports markets covered for Canadian bettors include:

  • Hockey (NHL)
  • National Football (NFL)
  • College Football (CFL)
  • Basketball (NBA)

I am especially pleased with the wide variety of sports markets in hockey, as I know many other Canadian bettors will be. Horse racing is also widely covered, and virtually every major thoroughbred contest is guaranteed coverage on the platform. Other sports covered include MMA, UFC, Boxing, sailing, squash, cricket, golf, tennis, and motor sports, among many others.

I am not a sports betting junkie, and like any other disciplined gambler I have my favorites and specialties. However, I have browsed through every sports betting category and explored their markets. In all, I counted hundreds of markets across the different sports categories. The number of open markets fluctuates depending on the betting options open, and there are new markets always opening up as new opportunities present themselves.

There are plenty of sports and markets covered to meet every bettor’s needs, and there is always something to wager on. Most importantly, Bet365 covers all the major Canadian favorites.

Odds & Limits

Like any other smart gambler, my focus is usually on a bookie’s odds. Unfortunately, Bet365 does not offer the best odds in the market. However, its odds are better than the industry’s average.

The odds are better on some sports markets. The majors, including soccer and football, are well covered. The odds are also attractive on other sports markets. All odds are continually adjusted to fit the situation on the ground, so players can look forward to fair offers.

All major horse racing contests have a best-odds guarantee. This means that even if I place a wager at odds of 2/1, and those odds increase to 5/1 by the end of the race, then my wager will automatically be adjusted up to 5/1. There also are more lucrative odds for a variety of other sports markets, and these pop up from time to time.

Bet365 lives up to its word when it promises limitless betting opportunities. This is because there is no limit to the amount of money you can wager or the number of bets you can wager the money on – or, for that matter, the amount of money you can win.

However, it should be noted that the site’s administrators are known to place limits on individual bettors’ accounts based on their analysis – this mostly happens to big bettors who place daily bets in excess of $1,000, and the limit can be easily removed with a call to the customer care desk.


Additional Features

Bet365 has been adding to its basket of features since its inception. Two of its most notable features are its sleek mobile app and live streaming technology.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the latest and hottest technologies in online sports betting, and Bet365 was one of the sportsbooks to incorporate it. I have tested it out and have to admit that it rivals many sports streaming platforms.

The live streaming feature on Bet365 enables bettors to watch a variety of sport events live as they happen. Some of the major sports categories supported on this feature include soccer, basketball, hockey, and tennis – it should also be noted that every tournament worth the time will likely be streamed live on the Bet365 platform.

The live streaming feature on Bet365 supports video and audio streaming in high quality definition, so the watching experience is good. However, there is one requirement for using the platform’s live streaming feature: your account has to be funded, or, alternatively, the account should have been used to place a bet over the past 24 hours.

In addition to live streaming, Bet365 also supports live-in-play betting, which means that users can place bets on ongoing games. I find this feature very handy as in-play betting is lucrative if approached right. The feature transmits a live feed on the ongoing sports and the odds are adjusted accordingly. All sports categories are covered in this section, but only a few select matches and tournaments are listed (usually only the major matches/tournaments/contests).

Mobile App

Accessibility is one of the main strong points of the Bet365 sportsbook and casino platform. Besides desktop and mobile websites, the sportsbook also has dedicated mobile apps for both Android and iOS mobile gadgets. These apps are freely available for download on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

Everything about the Bet365 app works for the users’ convenience. It all begins with the neat design and user interface. The app features the brand’s logo and colors: green, yellow, and white. The user interface is also intuitive and facilitates easy and quick access to all of the platform’s features. Everything supported by the main website – ranging from new registration to cashing out – is also supported by the Bet365 app. Additionally, all sports markets are listed on the Bet365 app in an A-Z list to finding individual categories quick and easy.

One of the most notable features on the Bet365 sportsbook mobile app is the live streaming feature. Bettors can watch select matches on a variety of sports categories live directly through their mobile apps as long as they meet the aforementioned requirements. However, this feature is not available on some of the older mobile gadgets that don’t support Flash and other streaming technologies.

The Bet365 admin is continually improving its mobile app. For instance, it recently added a ‘Cash Out’ feature that enables users to withdraw their winnings with a simple tap. There are many more features to come in the future. Bet365 clients are urged to ensure that their mobile platforms are compatible with the latest app versions.


I have had great experience using the Bet365 online casino and sportsbook platform, and I would highly recommend it for other Canadian bettors. The app lists dozens of sports categories and hundreds of markets under the different categories. The odds are good and often get better for select sports and markets. Additionally, the main website and mobile apps are easy to use. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Bet365 legal in Canada?

A: Yes, Bet365 is legal and licensed in Ontario, Canada. Ontarians of legal age can register and bet on Bet365 – new applicants are required to verify their identities to ensure that they are of legal betting age.

Q: Why can’t I log into my Bet365 account?

A: It is rare that Bet365 users get locked out of their accounts. If this happens, it can be caused by several reasons. The most common reason is providing the wrong username or password. Self-exclusion is another common reason. In rare cases, however, clients can have their accounts deactivated for breaching the platform’s rules and/or breaching the country’s gambling laws and regulations.

Q: How long does it take to withdraw my winnings on the Bet365 platform?

A: The time taken to process financial transactions, including making deposits and requesting withdrawals, varies depending on the deposit/withdrawal method used. Transaction periods vary from an hour to several hours or business days. Additionally, there are several factors that may lead to the rejection of your withdrawal request, so remember to ensure that everything checks out. It is advisable to contact the customer care desk to resolve the underlying issues.

Q: Why is the Bet365 website/app down?

A: The bet365 website is rarely ever down. The only instances when the website goes down is when it undergoes maintenance and upgrading, and such outages are announced in advance. However, the mobile apps may go down for reasons to do with your mobile gadget’s compatibility. All complications on the website are resolved quickly. Again, it is advisable to contact the Bet365 customer care desk if you find the website or mobile app unresponsive.

Q: How can I contact the Bet365 customer care desk?

A: The Bet365 customer care desk is accessible via several communication platforms. This includes via a live chat feature on its main website, its official email, and on its official Facebook page. Alternatively, you can call directly on 08000-288-365.