NBA Predictions, Odds and Analysis – Season 2020/2021

Check out our NBA predictions, tips, and advice ahead of the upcoming season – complete details in this post. 

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NBA Betting with Unibet

At Unibet, you will truly be in safe hands for NBA basketball betting. This site has become a bit of a global phenomenon in recent years, and of course, it is a site that allows you to get started with an awesome welcome bonus. At the time of writing, this bonus requires new players to deposit $100, and in turn, gives them the opportunity to play with $200. Naturally, you can use these initial bonus funds to follow through on the NBA predictions discussed in this post.


NBA Betting with Bethard

Bethard is another great site that you should check out. This is another site that has a solid welcome offer on the table for new customers too. While you might not find any specific NBA basketball offer right now, this welcome offer can be applied to the basketball markets should you wish to use the funds for that purpose. Currently, when you sign up with Bethard you could receive up to $100.

Sports Interaction

NBA Betting with Sports Interaction

This is arguably one of the more popular online sportsbooks in Canada. While the welcome offer might be smaller than some of the other sites we’ve discussed, Sports Interaction certainly covers NBA basketball in a big way. That’s precisely why this site is ideal to use our NBA predictions when navigating through the markets, and by signing up to Sports Interaction today, you can bag yourself $125 through the deposit match.

NBA basketball – hints for the upcoming season

In terms of betting on the outright favourites for this event, each of the online bookmakers we have mentioned is quite consistent in their predictions. As many of you might imagine, with the LA Lakers taking home the NBA Championships last season, each bookmaker has them down to replicate this achievement for the 20/21 season. Of course, with players such as Lebron James choosing to stay at the Lakers, it’s hard to disagree with this prediction. Now, while the LA Lakers are tipped as the favorites, there are a couple of other teams that are in the running in a big way.

Next in line to the LA Lakers are the LA Clippers, who are clearly the nearby rivals of the LA Lakers. This team is full of some rather handy players, including the likes of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, which is why the bookmakers feel that they have a decent shot at taking home the trophy for this season. Of course, only time will tell, but given that they lost in the semi-finals of the Western Conference last season, it shows that they are knocking at the door for a shot at the NBA title.

Finally, most of these bookmakers have the Milwaukee Bucks as third in line to win the NBA Championships. These guys are a good shout if you are looking for some NBA predictions where the odds are pretty decent, and when you look at the line-up, it’s understandable why bookmakers are giving the Bucks a fair chance of success this year. Of course, you’ve got the Antetokounmpo duo in this team, but you’ve also got the likes of George Hill and DeVincenzo to get excited about.

Predicted winners for the NBA season

LA Lakers

Milwaukee Bucks

LA Clippers












Sports Interaction





Even though the odds are relatively close for a few of the teams mentioned in this table, it is still the case that the LA Lakers pull ahead in terms of their true chance of NBA glory. We believe that since they managed to win last year, and the fact that players like Lebron James have decided to stay for another season are both huge positives. As you can also see, the odds are not too shabby for the Lakers to bring home the trophy, so they are definitely worth a bet.

Of course, you could always follow these NBA predictions through and go for an insider in the hope of a larger return, but none of the other teams carry the same caliber of players or present the same level of threat as the Lakers do.

NBA underdogs to watch out for

NBA Predictions

Although we have largely focused on the potential winners that would be classed as ‘favorites’ so far, we would like to now mention some underdogs that also have a fair shot. All of these underdogs are given below.

Golden State Warriors

If you would have put the Golden State Warriors in the underdog’s category a few seasons ago, people would have thought that it was a joke. However, in recent seasons, these guys just haven’t been as dangerous as they have previously shown. These guys still have players like Curry, Green, and Thompson, yet it’s almost as though the team just doesn’t quite gel as well as they used to. With that said, these guys are all unbelievable players, and they can definitely make some magic happen on their day.

Brooklyn Nets

Next in line from the Golden State Warriors, we have the Brooklyn Nets. As far as our NBA predictions go, we believe that these guys have a reasonable outside shot of winning the Championships this season, especially if Kevin Durant hits the kind of form that he is capable of. Obviously, Durant doesn’t have as many star players around him as some of the other bigger teams do, but this is reflected in the odds too.

Boston Celtics

As far as star players go, the Celtics aren’t exactly overloaded with them. In fact, there aren’t really any players on this team that would likely be listed in the NBA top 5 right now, but as we all know, it takes more than just one or two key players to win a Championship. This is precisely where the Celtics do pretty well, as they have a solid all-around team that gels quite well together. If they manage to keep working on their game and keep improvising, the Celtics could be a decent outside shot this year.

Choosing the operators with the best odds

As you can see, there are several bookmakers we have listed in this post that we would recommend betting on NBA basketball with. However, the absolute best bookmaker in terms of the odds provided would be Unibet. These guys have managed to offer better value across the board, for all teams, not just for the favourites or the underdogs. For that reason, we would recommend signing up with them and betting on the NBA at this site.

Of course, by consistently betting on basketball at a site that has better odds than others, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of gaining a higher return should your bets ultimately come through. This is by no means a guarantee, but it always feels better knowing that you are betting on the most valuable markets out there, rather than being sold short at a sub-par bookmaker.

Common NBA bets to consider making

NBA Predictions & Betting Tips


The moneyline market is where you can back the eventual winner of any individual game. As you may already know, the NBA season is packed with games, and the 2020/2021 season is due to have more than 70 games per team. That’s just for the regular season too, without taking into consideration the NBA playoffs. With that said, the moneyline market is definitely one of the most popular markets to explore.


There can be a wide range of under/over markets for NBA basketball, but one of the most common ones is associated with the total number of points. You will usually find pretty respectable odds for the over/under markets, but of course, the outcome of this market can depend on a whole range of factors.


The handicap market is basically where you can bet on whether the favorite will win by a set number of points, or whether the underdog will finish the game within a set number of points. This is a great market to look at if there isn’t too much value offered in the main moneyline markets, especially when you get one solid team up against a struggling one.

Outright winner

Rather than betting on individual games in the moneyline markets, you can always bet on the outright winner. This is where you bet on which team will win the entire NBA tournament, not just any regular-season games. The beauty of this is that the odds are usually much higher than what you’d find in some of the markets that are tied into just any individual game.

NBA Special Bets

Individual points

As the name indicates, you can bet on how many points an individual might score in any single game. This is typically presented as an under/over market, and it is usually a good one to explore when you have some pretty prolific point scorers out there on the court.

Number of three-pointers

Once again, this one is rather self-explanatory, as the individual must score more than the stated number of three-pointers in a game for your bet to be successful.

Individual player to make a triple-double

This one is a very unique market, and you will likely only go for it with some of the best players in the NBA league. However, the odds can be quite large for this market since a triple-double is rather difficult to achieve.

In-play moneyline

Rather than betting in the pre-match markets, you can always wait for the game to start and then back a team to win/lose at some stage in the game. The odds can switch around quite wildly for in-play betting, which is why it is attractive in the first place.

Top 3 types of bets to choose

Out of all of the betting types discussed above, we would recommend that you stick to the following three:

  • Accumulator bet
  • Handicap bet
  • Moneyline

Each of these bets has been described above except for the accumulator bet. This is where you simply combine multiple markets into the same bet slip.

FAQs – all about NBA basketball

NBA Predictionsfan-2021

What is NBA outright betting?

This is where you bet on the team that will win the trophy at the end of the season.

Who will win NBA ?

Only time will tell, but the LA Lakers are hot favourites.

How to bet on the NBA?

To bet on the NBA, you must sign up with an online bookmaker, fund your account, and then make your wagers.

Where to bet on the NBA?

You can easily bet on the NBA at the online bookmakers we’ve mentioned.

Are there any free bets for NBA ?

Yes, and all of the available free bets can be found at the bookmaker sites we have mentioned in this post.

Where is the NBA final?

This depends on what teams make it through to the final, which we won’t know until later in the season.

Where is the NBA held?

The NBA league takes place all across the USA, with games being divided up into the East and West Conference.

What date is the NBA 2020/2021?

The NBA season is due to get started in December 2020.

NBA Predictions – Conclusion

Whichever one of the NBA predictions you choose to go with, we would recommend that you stick with the bookmakers we have recommended in this post. These bookmakers are all legal, reputable, and offer some of the top bonuses and odds you can find.