Best Betting Apps in Canada that you need in 2024

Canada is loaded with sports betting apps, but to find the best of the bunch, we highly recommend that you read this post. 

Best Betting Apps

In today’s day and age, it is critical to find a betting platform that has a top-level mobile app available for you to download. The convenience of this is absolutely priceless, as you can just pull out your phone from your pocket and make bets within seconds thanks to these kinds of apps. Of course, there are certain brands in the Canadian betting market that do things much better than others, and that’s exactly what we’ve shown to you below.

  • 888Sport
  • Bet365
  • Unibet

888Sport – a Canadian favourite

This site has been in the Canadian market for quite a while, and it has boomed in popularity since its inception. The site itself supports betting markets for sports that are just huge in Canada, and this includes hockey, basketball, American football, and so much more. Of course, all of these sports are available to wager on from the app.

The Score – relatively new and top quality

TheScore has only recently transitioned into betting, but it has certainly started with a bang. The app is one of the best that you will find, like the other brands mentioned here.

Bet365 – a cut above the rest

Best betting apps: Bet365

As far as mobile apps go, bet365 has just raised the bar for the entire market. The app can be installed on Android and iOS, and the sheer performance of the app is enough to make most people feel satisfied. On top of this, the app supports in-play betting, live streaming, cashouts, and many more powerful features. We would definitely recommend that you try this app. When you register, you can use a Bet365 registration code, however, you should note that the code won’t grant any bonus or promotion.

Unibet – immense offerings on the app

With all of that in mind, there’s not much that they have left out from their offerings, which is why we would suggest that you give it a try.

Caesars – a rising star in the market

Caesars doesn’t carry the same level of prestige as some of these other brands, but it has a great mobile app for you to use right now. Like the other sites we’ve talked about, the app can be installed as long as you have an Android or iOS device, and the sportsbook is nice and diverse. You can bet on popular sports like hockey, baseball, and basketball, but you can also bet on sports that are popular overseas too.

Choosing the right Canadian betting app

Legal status

This should be a given when you are assessing any sports betting site in Canada, yet we must stress it nonetheless. It is absolutely critical that you double-check and see whether the app you are looking to download is operated by a legal brand. There should be proof of a valid betting license to support this somewhere on the site.

Quality of the odds

This is another big one, as the quality of the betting odds can have a big impact in the long run. To put it simply, you should try to find betting apps where the quality of the odds are consistently higher than other sites. This means that in the long run, you will stand to gain greater returns on your bets by choosing a site with such odds.

Existing player communication

While it’s important to assess the quality of the welcome email, it’s also important to assess the quality of the retention strategy. You want to find a site that has regular communication about the best events to bet on, which is what you’ll get with our recommended sites.

Installing the native app

Best betting apps in Canada

Decide on an app

This might seem obvious, but with so many options, you firstly need to narrow things down and download an app that suits your needs. Naturally, you’ll have different expectations and needs than other punters, so do make sure that your chosen brand meets your expectations before downloading the app. One operator you can also consider is BetMGM, which also has a dedicated mobile app. This operator is not unknown in the betting market and with its recent entry into the Ontario betting scene, is one to look forward to.

Start the download

If you have an Apple device, you can download the app directly from the App Store. If you have an Android app, however, you will need to ‘trust’ the APK file and then install the file from the available mobile site. This is because ‘gambling’ apps are a bit of a gray area in the Google Play store.

Go ahead and register

After picking a brand and then downloading the app, you will need to go ahead and register for a new account. This is actually really easy to do, and after answering a few questions you should be all set. Note that during the sign-up process you might also be given the chance to opt-in for the welcome offer.

Deposit and enjoy

Since the ultimate objective of downloading a sports betting app is to then place some real money wagers, you will need to make a deposit after signing up. You can do this through a range of methods including debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and other methods.

FAQs – Best Betting Apps in Canada

How much must I bet?

It’s completely up to you how much you wish to bet, however, the standard minimum bet that you are required to make within these markets is usually $1. This is for the pre-match markets, but the minimum value can and does drop lower when it comes to the live betting markets.

Do these sites support cashouts?

Not all of them do, no. This is a feature that is unique to certain sites, and before you make a bet, certain sites will show whether the cashout feature is supported for that particular market. Once you’ve then placed your bet, you should be able to see what the cashout value is once you’ve logged in.

What are the more common bets?

Some of the standard bets that you can expect to be able to make with these sites include moneyline, over/under, handicap, spread, parlays, and much more. The exact bets will vary slightly depending on the sports that you are trying to bet on.

Best Candian betting apps

Is there a promo code for any of the welcome bonuses?

There are no welcome bonuses available in Ontario, Canada.

Where can I find the betting license that a site holds?

Details of the betting license can usually be found in the footer of the app, and if not, these details will be listed in the terms and conditions.

Is the range of sports/markets reduced on mobile apps?

Not at all. All of the sports and markets that these sites list on the main desktop platforms have been incorporated into the native apps. The only thing that is a little different is the presentation of the markets, which can sometimes be better on these native apps.

Are there always betting markets available?

Yes. These betting sites cover sports from all over the world, and whether or not you can find live markets on the go when you log in, there will always be betting markets available for the near future.

Do these sites offer customer support services?

Absolutely. Most of the sites will give you the chance to speak with representatives via methods such as phone support, live chat, social media messaging, and email.

last update : May 2024